Caesar comes soon ...Who to pay price amid tactics change?

The Syrian crisis witnessed at the beginning of 2020 a change in tactics among the world powers and on the ground, the intense conflict intensifies with the near implementation of Caesar's Act, what is this law and who will be affected by it?

​​​​​​​After 140 years…Is there new Sykes-Picot on way?

140 years passed on Sykes-Picot Agreement that turned the Middle East into a quagmire of blood, with the continuation of the World War III in Syria, this agreement has lost its content marked the beginning of a new phase, where the imperialist powers "America, Israel, Russia" held unclear meeting in Jerusalem. The question here: Is there a new Sykes-Picot?

Kurdish Language ... development after repression - 3

After the Kurds in Syria have been exposed through decades to the policies of repression and attempts of annihilation in the crucible of Arab society; however, with the beginning of the revolution, the Kurds were able to develop the Kurdish language, and within a few years, they made great steps on the path of development.

Kurdish language ... development after repression - 2

World War I ended with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and Syria fell under the French mandate. Although the Kurds enjoyed a margin of freedom to write and publish, the restrictions on the Kurdish language soon returned after the declaration of independence.

Kurdish language ... development post-repression - 1

Kurdish language has passed  several stages since ancient times that  had a great impact on it, though a  purely Kurdish alphabet came late, this oral transmitted language has maintained its originality.

Qereçox proved US green light for Turkey's attacks on northeast of Syria

The Turkish attack on Qereçox mountain was the first indication that the international coalition had overlooked Turkish plans against the US-controlled skies of northeast of Syria. It encouraged the Turkish occupation to keep on attacking more the recently areas liberated from ISIS.

​​​​​​​Kurdish press…heritage not be overlooked -3

Despite the pressures, the free media developed significantly in the 1990s, in conjunction with the Kurdistan Liberation Movement development, which continues till now. Thanks to the legacy of free media, there are more than 50 daily and weekly newspapers, dozens of TV channels, radio stations and news agencies today.

 Kurdish press…..heritage not overlooked - 2

The Kurdish press of the four parts of Kurdistan went through difficult circumstances under the pressure of the Ottoman Empire, it was able to continue its march by lack of means. After dividing Kurdistan into four parts, Kurdish press declined in terms of quantity, but it found new fields, amid pressures, Kurdish intellectuals and journalists  turned into pioneers of the Kurdish press.