Kobane's resistance brings together Kurds, world to defend humanity

The resistance details were made history in the alleys and streets of the city of Kobane and proved that the world can come together to defend humanity, that the Kurds can unite in the service of their cause, and that the solid will and the deep-rooted culture makes victory

​​​​​​​ANHA reveals battles' outcome in Ain Issa in 2 months 

Our agency managed to document the numbers over a period of weeks of the Turkish aggression and the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) along the 20 km of contact lines that witnessed bombardment and clashes, based on official information from military and administrative commanders in the Autonomous Administration.

​​​​​​​Autonomous Administration ... surpassing the mentality of nation-state; model for a solution to Syrian crisis - 2

Autonomous Administration project that is developing in NE, Syria has become a hope for the Syrian people to overcome the crisis and ensure their rights, and for this it has been subjected to internal and external attacks on various levels, and in light of the continuation of the Syrian crisis and its complexities, the components of the region continue to work according to their own capabilities to reach Syria to safety.

On 3rd occupation anniversary.. ongoing Turkish crimes with Russian green light

Since the first day of the Turkish attacks on Afrin in January 2018, with a Russian green light, until the moment, Turkey continues to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity there, and today Russia is pushing Turkey to occupy new parts of the Syrian geography and repeat these crimes in order to keep the Damascus government in power.

Autonomous Administration ... surpassing the mentality of nation-state; model for a solution to Syrian crisis - 1

The continued conflicts in India, China and the Soviet republics, up to the valleys of Morocco and Arab Sahara, is considered the production of capitalist hegemony that established nation- state as one of the pillars of its survival, the crisis that Syria is going through 10 years ago, there is a model developing in its north and east that can become a solution to all conflicts and wars.

Russia and Iran, coordination and competence shadowed by Syria

Uncertainty prevails the Russian - Iranian relationships on the Syrian field, as talks and leaks pose that Russian role to put an end to the Iranian influence, questions pose themselves on the effect of that to find a solution to the Syrian Crisis, and the future of relationships of the two countries.

Peshmerga Roj's reality according to its former members-4

The dissidents of the so-called "Peshmerga Roj" are appealing to their comrades in that group to return to Rojava, join the Syrian Democratic Forces, and not to be dragged behind the interests of the parties that implement the instructions and orders of the Turkish occupation state.