SDF from local force to international forums

The annual meeting of the commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces' )SDF( formations to build and set suitable plans for the comming period in the march to achieve final victory on Daesh mercnearies and consolidate the security and stablity in all regions of northern Syria, and promoting SDF and making them the guarantee a democratic, free, and plural Syria, how did SDF develop, and reach this stage?

Kurds teach new Ottomans lesson in the north, will African countries move? -1

The extent of the involvement of the Turkish government in the events of bloody wars and internal conflicts in the countries of the Middle East and Africa has become known to each and every one. This is in support of the extremists and their political organizations in order to expand their influence and access to power, or to sell their weapons and strengthen their economy. The latter managed to close the largest doors to the new Ottoman, which is publicly announced by Erdogan.

Churches converted into legitimate camps, Yazidis massacred on charges of infidelity… now road to their villages dangerous-3

The Armenians in Tel Temir were subjected to forced displacement, kidnapping, robbery and destruction of their churches. Dozens of Yezidis were killed and their villages were burned because of their religion by the Turkish army and the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra and Daesh which burned and destroyed 35 Assyrian villages and kidnapped more than 250 Christians and killed dozens of them in Tel Temir, and here we mention some of the crimes of freedom and violations of terrorists against them.

7 tough years prolong for Syrians... Regional interests maneuver through political truces-2

The Syrian scene in recent years has become absurd, as the interests of allies and parties on the ground differed. The regime was subordinate to Russia and Iran, and the Opposition became a tool for carrying out the Turkish agenda and a paper that could be exchanged whenever Turkey wished. Only the peoples of the northern Syria liberated their areas from terrorism and founded a democratic system that guarantees everybody's rights without exclusion and were able to eliminate IS terrorism, which w

7 tough years prolong for Syrians... Regional interests maneuver through political truces - 1

Seven tough years have not come to an end as the Syrians wished, but adding to them another year, which passed in blind randomness from destruction to displacement ending up in the mean political deals, during which the countries of the conflict each harvested the yield of the war in their own favor, from Afrin to Ghouta and other areas of Syria.

From beginning to end, ISIS, gangs funded by Turkey share the same mentality - 1

ISIS emerged in Iraq from the womb of al-Qaeda, taking advantage of the situation in the region, the American intervention in Iraq and the sectarian division that regional parties sought to supply. It passed through many stages until it arrived to ISIS in and was led by many elements of al-Qaeda who fought in Afghanistan until Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took over its leading.

New episode of March 13, 2013 meeting

The assassinations of national figures in north and east Syria are a new episode of the series of the Turkish intervention in Syria which was drawn up in March 13, 2013.

Turkish expansion dream is over in IS last pocket-2

Turkey contemplated and did its best for Kobani’s fall that lies at bordering area at the hands of IS, the cards mixed and its dreams faded after raising the flag of People Protection Units above the highest peak in the city to become Kobani as the focus of international media after the "impossible" victory was achieved.

IS... from horror to defeat began from Kobanî -1-

The Syrian crisis, in its third year, received a power represented by IS that created chaos in the country and changed the course of the war there. Now, we are going back to see how the war in Syria was before years, how IS has appeared, what is the details of the fateful battle in Kobanî which was the first defeat of IS, and its effect on the world on the fourth anniversary of the liberation of the city.

Autonomous Administration.. Only pilot experience in area in field of pluralism , democracy in Syria

At the time when the Syrian cities were destroyed and the people were being killed and displaces, an administration emerged from the womb of Rojava Revolution. The administration was organized by the Syrian people. It developed on the basis of its own potential and provided services to the people, making it the target of the forces hostile to the peoples' aspirations, but it has become the starting point for Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria.

Afrin from a safe haven to catastrophe befalling on its residents

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Afrin received more than 300 thousand refugees from different Syrian and abroad areas, the Democratic Autonomous Administration provided all services amid of an atmosphere of safety and stability under the democratic nation and fraternity of peoples’ project which did not appeal to the Turkish aggression that turned the city into a ghost one suffering a humanitarian catastrophe today.

Ottomans, their Turkish decedents… Policies, massacres against Muslims, Christians -7

The Kurdish people have been subjected to many genocide massacres by the states and authorities that ruled Kurdistan. However, the most terrible massacres committed against the Kurds by the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish state since its establishment to this day, in addition to the massacres committed by Turkey and its mercenaries like IS and others in Şengal, Kobanî and Afrin.

The Ottomans’ massacres… extermination of Armenians, Syriacs, Assyrians-6

Not only did the people of the region suffer from the massacres of the Ottomans, but also the Armenians, Syriacs and Assyrians suffered even worse because the Turkish swords cut the necks of one and a half million Christians since the World War until the declaration of modern Turkey. Now the grandson of the Ottomans threatens to attack the north-east of Syria to continue his predecessors against these peoples.