Autonomous Administration... pioneering experience one year since establishment

A year after its establishment, the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria has been able to provide many basic services to the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and through its successful experience, it has attracted many international delegations that have blessed this experience, and is now working in three boards and seven departments.

Turkey in its war crimes, violations is killing peace in N Syria

At a time when the whole world is celebrating World Day of Peace, the Turkish state in turn violates all international human rights and conventions, and violates the borders between states and the principles of international peace agreed upon by the countries of the world, where murder, displacement, occupation, massacres and heinous war crimes are being committed today against the peoples of the north and eastern Syria.

How "ENKS" was founded? What is the purpose of its founding?

The Kurdish National Council in Syria (ENKS), which was established in 2011 in Başûr Kurdistan(South Kurdistan) with the support of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, has held 16 meetings to date with the Turkish state and especially with the Turkish intelligence (MIT). In the presence of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, in addition to 4 meetings between the so-called "Peshmerga Roj" and the United States of America.

HPC in Rojava to protect society's values -3

Society Protection Force (HPC) system which is established in Rojava is considered one of the most common ways for a society to defend its values in the face of any threat to its identity, culture, public moral and moral values. Therefore, the people in the north and east of Syria developed this system to become an integrated institution that started from the neighborhoods and villages to take its place on the fronts of the war against terrorism and external aggression.

SDF from local force to international forums

The annual meeting of the commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces' )SDF( formations to build and set suitable plans for the comming period in the march to achieve final victory on Daesh mercnearies and consolidate the security and stablity in all regions of northern Syria, and promoting SDF and making them the guarantee a democratic, free, and plural Syria, how did SDF develop, and reach this stage?

19 July revolution... Radical changes that transformed face of the region

On the nineteenth of July 2012, having expelled elements of the Syrian regime from the city weeks after mass demonstrations the people of the city of Kobani took to the streets and raised the flags of the revolution on the buildings after they, elements of the regime did not stand silent about, just like the rest of the Syrian cities, the demonstrations here have also been suppressed.

Kurds teach new Ottomans lesson in the north, will African countries move? -1

The extent of the involvement of the Turkish government in the events of bloody wars and internal conflicts in the countries of the Middle East and Africa has become known to each and every one. This is in support of the extremists and their political organizations in order to expand their influence and access to power, or to sell their weapons and strengthen their economy. The latter managed to close the largest doors to the new Ottoman, which is publicly announced by Erdogan.