​​​​​​​Beach: Ocalan's influence felt beyond, he must be released immediately


Professor Norman Beach said that the 22-year-long strict isolation is an unjust and inhumane, noting that leader Abdullah Ocalan can be a key figure in the peace process negotiations, and called for his immediate release.Professor Beach pointed out that the Turkish state has not achieved anything of isolating the leader Ocalan, adding, in this regard, "And so far, it can be said that Ocalan is the major political force that contributed to democratic change in Turkey, and peace and social democracy."

The international initiative "Freedom for Ocalan and Peace for Kurdistan" was launched following the arrest of Ocalan by the Turkish state on February 15, 1999, organizing many international activities so far. One of the results of this initiative is a book entitled "Dialogues of Building a Free Life", which a number of academics, writers, and revolutionaries participated in, and those interested in the ideas of the leader Abdullah Ocalan. The book was first published in 2019 by Aram Publishing House in conjunction with the 22nd anniversary of the international conspiracy against the leader Ocalan.

We interviewed Professor Beach, one of the participants in this book, who spoke specifically about the isolation on Ocalan.

On the dimensions of the international conspiracy, Professor Beach says in his book "The conspiracy was for eliminating Ocalan, and not everyone's goal was to target a specific person as much as targeting a militant symbol.

To this end, a pistol was also used, when the Greek ambassador to Kenya gave Ocalan a pistol, not to defend himself but to commit suicide” (pages 22-23).

'11-year-long isolation is unjust and inhumane'

He described Ocalan as the key politician and leader of the Kurdish movement in Turkey, and said that the isolation is an unjust and inhumane measure, and also added, “The aim of the conspiracy was to weaken the Autonomous Administration and the Kurdish identity. Had it not been for refusal of the United States, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands and Greece, to grant the political asylum for Ocalan, Turkey would not have managed alone to arrest Ocalan."

'The conspiracy is a clear violation of the Geneva Refugee Convention'

He said that the refusal to grant political asylum before the plot was a clear violation of the Geneva Convention on Refugees, adding in this regard, "No doubt that Ocalan has the right to obtain political asylum, but he was exiled to those countries that It allows him to enter its territory."

He noted that the Turkish state had not succeeded in dismissing the leader Ocalan, and said, “The European Court of Human Rights and officials in Turkey, must review the inhuman conditions in which Ocalan is held in Imrali prison.

Ocalan has been able to go beyond Turkey's borders through his writings. What is required is not only a change in the conditions of detention, but he must be released.

'Ocalan is a key figure in the peace process'

On the pioneering role of Ocalan, he said: “Ocalan can be the central figure in peace process. Just as Nelson Mandela was held on Robben Island for (27 years) under tight isolation, and later he became president of South Africa, so it is the case for Ocalan, he should not remain held in inhuman conditions, he can now be the greatest political force for peace and democracy in Turkey.

'Turkey must be tried in the International Criminal Court'

He continued: "In the spring of 2015, when the Turkish government headed under Erdogan decided to end the peace talks with Ocalan, a new political phase began for Turkey, represented by the escalation of attacks against the people of Northern Kurdistan and Rojava of Kurdistan (NE Syria), where its army committed Kurdish cities like Cizir, Amad, and Selupi, as well as northern Syria, without having any legitimacy according to international covenants and laws.

 In 2018, he attacked Afrin canton, in violation of all laws, international covenants and human rights charters, and NATO remained silent about that, then attacked Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê, and that is why Turkey must be tried in the International Criminal Court.

'NATO must suspend support for the Turkish occupation'

He called on Turkey to go out of the occupied areas immediately. He also called on NATO to suspend its support for Turkey, he added in this regard: “The Syrian people are victims of ISIS attacks and mercenaries of the Turkish state, and this is sufficient reason for NATO to end the crimes and withdraw from foreign lands, respecting basic human rights.

Turkey is committing major crimes and violating international conventions, and it would not have been able to do so without the silence, support and ignorance of NATO, which is Turkey's partner. All democratic forces must confront this anti-democratic policy, and demand an end to military violence and respect for human rights.

Who is Norman Beach?

Norman Beech, professor emeritus at the University of Hamburg, and a former parliamentarian and specialist in international law, born in Bremen, Germany, on April 12, 1938, and began working for the Federal Economy Ministry in Bonn, and continued his research activities at the Research Center of the Union of German Scholars. In 1975, he worked as Professor of Political Science at the University of Hamburg. He chaired the Democratic Lawyers Association for 9 years, is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Democracy and Law, and authored many books and wrote numerous articles in the field of international law.