Fahima Hamo: solution based on success of intra-Syrian dialogue

Interview with Fahima Hamo

Fahima Hamo, a member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, the (SDC) said that the Turkish occupation state is exploiting NATO to attack the regions of northeast of Syria, considering the international community silence as a conspiracy against the Syrians.

The crimes of the Turkish occupation state against the Syrian people have continued since its intervention, occupying several areas in northern Syria, and putting in force the demographic change in addition to its threat to other areas.

In this context, ANHA agency interviewed a member of the Presidential Council of the SDC Fahima Hamo, and the text of the dialogue is as follows:

- The Turkish occupation army's attacks on the Syrian lands continue in Manbij or Ain Issa and Al-Shahba, in your opinion, does Turkey move unilaterally or in coordination with regional and international powers?

Turkey's policy cannot be described in isolation, as it works on two strings between America and Russia, and it is also exploiting the NATO to serve its agendas, and it has American support.

As for Russia, it is trying to win Turkey to its side; the S400 deal is part of the Russian efforts in this regard. At the same time, some regional countries support Turkish attacks on northern Syria.

With regard to the Turkish objectives, they are clear; they seek to occupy the strategic Ain Issa area that links the administration’s provinces together, thus makes it easier for it to occupy the rest of the areas.

But we, in turn, say that whatever violations and crimes Turkey commits against the peoples of the region, it will fail due to the solidarity and unity of the people of the region.

- In light of the systematic and direct targeting of civilians, bombing of their homes by the occupation army and war crimes in Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê, why should the international community remain silent in the face of these inhumane acts?

Turkey is not concerned with the massacres. Unfortunately, even the international community sees these crimes on the ground, but keeps silent.

We can say, those countries and international organizations of plotting against the future of the peoples of NE Syria. The question is, how can we break this terrible silence in the face of the crimes committed against the people of Afrin and Serêkaniyê displaced? Through our solidarity and the principle of brotherhood of peoples.

Therefore, unity is very necessary at this stage through repeated dialogues to communicate our voice to international courts to hold accountable the criminal Erdogan responsible for all these violations.

- The Damascus government has always talked about the unity, but it does not take a real stance in confronting the Turkish attacks, and it is satisfied with its repeated rhetoric over the past five decades. Is the government unable to respond, or is it pleased with these attacks?

Turkey has interests with regional countries, such as Iraq, which is silent in the face of the massacres committed by Turkey and its attacks on Şengal and other regions.

Even at home, the Syrian regime supports the Turkish policy towards the peoples of the region, why? Because, unfortunately, for ten years, it has clung to his old mentality.

It even considers reform as the beginning of change, and wants to end all initiatives in this regard to preserve the status quo. Despite the country's entry into economic, political and social crises, it insists on the old mentality.

Even, on the front lines it does not support the forces against the occupiers, such as the Syrian Democratic Forces, which faced the Turkish occupation, and offered thousands of martyrs in order to preserve the unity of the Syrian lands, and liberated the areas from  the ISIS terrorism, which posed a threat to all of Syria.

However, this regime does not accept dialogue with these forces, so that the regime remains with its throne and seat while ignoring the people who are difficult to live during this crisis.

It is complicit with the Russians to open the way for Turkish attacks to put pressure on the Autonomous-Administration on the ground, but the regime must accept the other, and it must see that the solution to the crisis is related to the success of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.