Journalist Nihad Kaya: They did not achieve their goals in Gare

Interview with NEWS DESK, ZANA DANIZ

Journalist Nihad Kaya said that the problem of the captured soldiers was troubling the Justice and Development Party, and it ended this problem on its own. He pointed out that the Justice and Development Party was planning to bring prisoners and exploit the event in the electoral campaign, but it failed to do so, and the scales were reversed.

Hawar news agency ANHA interviewed with Journalist Nihad Kaya, who talked about the recent attack launched by Turkish occupation against Gare region, the reasons and developments of that attack, and what are the reasons that forced the Turkish State to kill its captured soldiers.

Journalist Nihad Kaya said that the military operation launched by the Turkish state against Gare is linked to the hostility of the AKP-MHP (the Justice and Development Party and the National People's Party). The Turkish state is the one that supports this violent nature of this power. He also added: “For several years, with aiming to stay dominant state on the power, AKP- MHP still continue to launch wars on geographical area in parallel with its policies based on violence and war, after launching attack on Karabakh Turkey witnessed economic recession, coinciding with the end of President Trump’s administration in the United States of America, Turkey was no longer able to wage wars in a place. This would pose a threat to the authority. Biden, and how will its position towards Turkey, and this in itself means limiting the options of the Turkish state. "

The full text of the interview that ANHA agency had with the journalist Nihad Kaya:

What was the goal of the Turkish occupation state in the attack on Gare? What is their scheme? What were the forces that participated in the attack, and what was the position of the international powers?

Recently, Turkey has severely suffered from economic crisis, which caused to deteriorate its economic, forcing the people to express resentment and questionnaires resulted to collapse its popularity "AKP", due to the present government relies on its policies on violence.

The important question is; What is the policy that the government will pursue from now on? It takes international balances into consideration, and it is forced to wage war against a specific region that is considered a threat to it. In Rojava, Turkey cannot currently anticipate the reaction of the United States of America. It is also not possible to know the nature of the Iraqi government's response to Şengal province, and the response and position of the United States of America is not yet clear. It was also confused about the issue of the Eastern Mediterranean. But it views legitimate defense zones as a threat to their security. However, Turkey has turned Southern Kurdistan into a hotbed. The Iraqi government remains silent about this situation. The Turkish state, given its close ties with the KDP, is doing whatever it wants. So far, no position or reaction has been taken against any attack launched by Turkey against the regions of Southern Kurdistan. It was precisely because of this that Gare was chosen to launch the attack.

On the other hand, the issue of the captured Turkish soldiers haunted the Justice and Development government. The families of the prisoners were communicating on a daily basis with civil society organizations and demanding action for the release of their children. Similar things have happened over the past years. Therefore, the civil institutions and organizations had to communicate directly with the PKK. Of course, this matter affected the media. Therefore, the Justice and Development Party sought to put an end to this matter. it refused such a meeting and communication with the PKK on the media. it also did not want the voice of a political party like the HDP to be heard in Parliament, and it did not want it to have a voice in the media as well. Everyone was speaking for the HDP and the Kurdish people, but none of the HDP officials was allowed to speak. Therefore, if the Turkish state is working in this way to obscure the name of the HDP, it certainly will not want to hear the name of the PKK.

Turkey attacked Gare, but the results were disappointment.

Therefore, they had to find another way to solve this problem. Therefore, they preferred to carry out this attack. They considered it a non-dangerous place for them. Nor will it face any adverse reactions from the international community. Of course, they were very ecstatic with the military victory and worked to publish more media promotion to target Gare. They were planning to bring the captured soldiers to Turkey, thus using this event in electoral propaganda and ensuring success in the 2023 elections, as well as working to stifle internal opposition in Turkey. These were their purpose. The AKP had achieved relative success in Libya and Karabakh, and was still ecstatic with that victory. So it launched unleashes a blind attack on Gare, but the attack ends in defeat.

When the issue is related to the PKK, Turkey guarantees the approval and endorsement of the international powers. And it acted on the principle that everyone will support me as long as the topic is the PKK. Also, when launching such military operations, it does not need to wait for the approval of the international powers, and it does not care what those powers might say.

Many countries and parties remained silent about the attack, including the administration of Southern Kurdistan as well as the United States of America, and the truth is that these forces supported this process in one way or another. I believe that Turkey does not have any problem with regard to the stances of international powers, as is the case in Karabakh and Libya. Because Turkey in this position trusted itself and was ecstatic about victory, but they did not get the results they wanted.

'Suffering were the share of the families of the captured soldiers.'

To what degree can it be said that Erdogan has achieved his goals?

The truth is that Turkey wanted to get rid of the problem of the captured soldiers. Whether alive or dead, soldiers were not important to the AKP. On this issue the AKP was striving to achieve a certain result. The families of the prisoners are bothering them. When one of the soldiers dies, at least they declare mourning. But these soldiers didn't get that either. Then this topic will not bother the AK again, nor will it bother anyone else. Indeed, it is the families of the captured soldiers that have suffered their share of suffering and pain. The AKP ended the prisoner issue in its own way. The basic plan of the AKP was to direct the results in favor of the electoral campaign, but it did not succeed in this, and the balance was reversed.

The voices of civil society institutions in Turkey have risen on this issue. In 2007 and 2013, many soldiers and village protectors were arrested, and released as a result of negotiations. If the Justice and Development Party and the National People's Party were serious about releasing the prisoners, they could achieve it. There were calls from the PKK and the HPG this issue. If civil society institutions had sought this issue, these prisoners could have reached their families in peace.

Turkey has reached this level due to the violent policies of the Justice and Development Party and the Nationalist Party. The Turkish public opinion is currently talking about this issue. The AKP saw this, so it immediately banned all news related to the Gare attack and the killing of the captured soldiers.

The truth is that the attack caused great damage to the authority of the AKP and the National People's Party. It is a defeat, and I barely managed to get out of there. The HPG issued a statement saying that the Turkish army soldiers were surrounded. They managed to withdraw the soldiers with great difficulty, with the help of warplanes and UAVs. It has become clear that even on the military level, they cannot move as they did in Karabakh.

'Supporters of the military operation were saying it would strengthen the position of the Justice and Development Party'

How can we assess the consequences of the attack on Gare by the PKK, the KDP and the Turkish state?

This did not achieve a good result in Başûr (Southern Kurdistan). If a country can attack and penetrate into the territory of another power, and the administration in that region that says that there is a government cannot respond, this will put that administration in a negative position. The Başûr administration and in particular the KDP had to clearly reject the attack. But a completely different situation emerged. Yes, they did not join this attack directly. Because the political support for this attack resulted in negative consequences for the Başûr administration and the Kurdistan Democratic Party. But those who supported this attack were saying that the Justice and Development Party would win. But this did not happen. Because of this, the AKP and the KDP lost.

Without a doubt, the biggest losers are the AKP-MHP coalition. They clearly lost. This situation will continue. But the AKP will not back down from its policies easily. Just as ISIS was practicing a policy of intimidation by beheading, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) sought, through a policy of violence and hostility, to continue in power. This policy led to the end of ISIS in al-Baghouz. The AKP will continue this policy until it ends itself.

In this case, the people of Turkey lost a lot. Kurds, Turks, Armenians and all peoples of Turkey are affected by these policies. Today, 13 soldiers and police officers died. Others may die tomorrow. This does not matter to Erdogan and Bahçeli.

For decades, the PKK has been fighting against the policies of violence, denial and exclusion of the Turkish state and the authorities of the Justice and Development Party and the MHP. Recently, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, even Erdogan, and officials in the Justice and Development Party announced the elimination of the PKK. They did the same when they attacked Gare. But their lies were revealed. The attack on Gare was an opportunity in which the PKK showed its strength to the world and the Kurdish people, and this produced positive results for the party.

'The Turkish state will continue the policy of violence'

Regarding the results of the attack on Gare, in which direction will developments take place?

It is not possible to assess developments in the region based solely on the results of the Turkish attack on Gare. The world war is still going on. It is not yet clear how and where this war will end. There are influential powers and states in global and local politics. One of them is the United States of America.

The new American policy in the region is not yet clear. After the Gare attack, the sensitivity of the United States of America appeared through the statement of the US State Department despite the Turkish propaganda. It is not yet clear to what extent Turkey will be able to obtain support from America.

It is too early to talk about certain results now, but as for Turkey, we can say that it will continue the policy of violence. Did not achieve a result in Gare. This time you will try to achieve victory in Avashin or Zap. Turkey needs victory. If the situation continues as it is now, the AKP will lose more votes and this will worry its supporters. In order to curb this decline, Turkey will search for a fake victory. But it is difficult to achieve a result. However, Turkey could launch an attack on the Avashin or Zab regions close to the border.

'The Turkish state wants a cheap victory'

There are constant threats to Rojava, but Turkey will not dare to attack until the features of the new administration's policy become clear in America.

This applies to Şengal. Şengal is a very complicated area. Turkey cannot move according to its whims in Şengal. Geographically it is far from the border. Turkey cannot reach Şengal without cooperation with the KDP. Turkey wants to bypass the Iraqi government forces and reach Şengal. And she has to fight those forces. Iraq is experiencing internal unrest. For this reason, any Iraqi cooperation with Turkey and with all this turmoil will bring other problems. The Iraqi state does not want that. But Turkey will try to achieve a cheap victory in the regions of Avashin or Zap-Ukhakork.

'Occupation attacks continue to attack the HDP'

The head of the Justice and Development Party announced that he would attack everywhere, on February 15th. How can Turkey launch a new offensive?

The AKP will never give up its aggressive policies. The issue is not just military attacks. There is a campaign against the HDP in Turkey. They want to kill everyone who catches him. There is an attack on the Kurds under the name of the attack on the HDP. There is an all-out attack. Turkey wants to continue this by military means.

Suleiman Soylu said some things about Murad Qarah Yilan through a tweet on Twitter, and he followed that with statements from within the Turkish Parliament (wherever we find Qarah Yilan, we will cut it to pieces) Countries do not resort to such language. This is the ISIS mentality. The Turkish state wants to inject Turkish society with waves of nationalist extremism and incitement against the Kurds. If the situation continues like this, it will not be possible to curb the nationalist extremism against the Kurds. Attacks continue militarily and in other ways.

'The Turkish state will insist on the policies of denial and extermination'

How will these occupation attacks, especially on Başûr and Rojava, affect the liberation struggle?

They divided Kurdistan into four parts and dispersed the Kurds between those parts. But the country most brutal and exclusionary in its politics is the Turkish state. The Turkish state implements its policies on a large scale. The Turkish state’s attacks are not only targeting Gare, Başûr, or the PKK, but are attacks against the gains of Başûr and the entire Kurdish people.

We can also see the attack on Gare as an attack on Rojava and its achievements. The reality is that the Turkish state is unable to see any Kurdish achievement. So the Turkish state is always under attack. Turkey seeks to completely eliminate the Kurds. If it does not get a chance abroad, it seeks to exterminate the Kurds in Turkey.

So these attacks are not related to the problems between Turkey and the PKK. This is the fault of the Basur administration. This administration defines the problem as between the Turkish state and the PKK. In 2017 the referendum in Başûr revealed this. What is the relationship of the Turkish state with the Kurdish independence referendum in Başûr? Why was Turkey so opposed to this referendum? Because it knows that any Kurdish achievement in any part will affect the other parts. Therefore, the Kurds ’achievements are being attacked everywhere. Therefore, the loss of the occupiers in Gare is a great victory for all the Kurds.