​​​​​​​Muslim: Those who attack Guerrillas fighters to bankrupt in Kurdish street

Interview with Salih Muslim

Salih Muslim renewed his warnings against involving in the Turkish plots and calling for dialogue, and stressing that the Peshmerga are national forces, but some PDK's figures, the (Kurdistan Democratic Party) linked with the Turkish state stand behind the provocations in Kurdistan.Events are fast moving in Kurdistan, after PDK's mobilization in the Zine Warte area (Zine Warte area is located between Rania, Soran in the Qandil mountain range) in Southern Kurdistan, followed by attacks against the Peoples' Defense Forces, (HPG) and these anti-Kurdish moves were followed by an agreement with the Iraqi government regarding Şengal, and the last but not least, it accused the YPG of attacking the Peshmerga.

In conjunction with the hostile policies of the PDK, Turkey continues its attacks on the legitimate defense areas (MEDYA) in Southern Kurdistan and Şengal in parallel with the attacks that have not ceased on the northeast Syria.

In an interview with ANHA News Agency, Saleh Muslim, member of the co-presidency of the Democratic Union Party, (PYD) assessed these events and their connection with the plans to eliminate the Kurdish liberation movement.

The text of the dialogue reads:

NEWSDESK - Cihan Bilkin

Musallam described the recent attack on the Peoples' Defense Forces in the Amediyeh area in Başûr (Southern Kurdistan) as a'' provocative attack'', and said, "This attack does not serve the interest of the people of Kurdistan. Those who attack the Guerrilla fighters will fail in the Kurdish street."

On one hand, there is a continuous attack on the northeast Syria, and on the other hand, there are statements of defaming the Autonomous Administration made by KDP's officials, how can we link between them?

The entire Kurdish people is threatened by the Turkish fascist state. The fascist alliance of the Justice and Development Party, the AKP and the Nationalist Movement Party, the MHP plan to eliminate the Kurds. There are many developments in Rojava. The people organized themselves in their Autonomous Administration. The Turkish state seeks toppling the Kurdish administration as one of its duties. The Turkish state exploits the PDK's officials, such as Masrour Barzani, who has wrought a scourge on the Kurds. They negatively attack Rojava in some way.

'Defaming the Kurdish Administration is the result of the occupiers' plots.'

Talks for Kurdish unity are underway. Burning the offices of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) at this time, were attempts to hinder these talks. In the first place, They are trying to disrupt Kurdish unity in any way. Certainly, the Turkish fascist state is behind these plans. So, our parties and people should take care at a very sensitive stage to thwart the enemy's plans. Defaming the Rojava system by some KDP officials (such as Masrour Barzani) comes in context of a plot to thwart the Autonomous Administration.

On the 13th of this month, the KDP-affiliated forces and the so-called "Peshmerga Roj" attacked the Peoples' Defense Forces. 3 fighters of them were wounded. How do you assess this attack?

The Turkish state interferes wide and far. Especially in the Kurdistan region, in an attempt to fabricate a crisis between the Kurds. So, they besiege the Peoples' Defense Forces hideouts and block the key roads. All this for the sake of provoking Kurdish infighting. Any political or military contradiction between the Kurdish forces will harm Rojava that was the result of the unity. Our unity came to life for the first time in Kobane. Martyrs shrines in Kobane embraces martyrs from the four parts of Kurdistan. This is a sacred unit that makes the Turkish state sees red. They plan to fabricate the contradictions between the Kurds and besiege them. There is a need for caution.

'What happened in Amedyiah was a provocation.'

The besieging forces are the PDK's Special Forces and the Peshmerga Roj. Considering the history of the "Peshmerga Roj", it becomes clear who trained them. Under Turkish-state-influence forces stand behind these practices. The peshmerga force also maintains the interests of the Kurds. Indeed, they fought alongside the YPG and YPG in Kobane battles. We do not have any dissatisfaction with the peshmerga. The provocative forces in the Amediya area are special forces linked to specific parties. In general, the KDP does not accept these provocations, but partners of interest with the Turkish state stand behind these provocations. Whatever happens, we reject any Kurdish infighting as it inflicts great harm to all the Kurds and Rojava in particular. Dialogue is needed. The Guerrilla fighters defend the four parts of Kurdistan.

Those who attack the Guerrilla fighters, will go bankrupt in the Kurdish street. Such attacks would harm the entire Kurdish people and endanger Southern Kurdistan. We hope that these problems will be resolved quickly.

From the events of Zina Warte to Amediyah, what is planned?

They drew up the extermination plot. So, their dangerous blockades come in this context. We saw how they cooperated to occupy Kirkuk. Those who defend primarily are the Guerrillas. They have fought in Kirkuk, Şengal and Hewlêr; they are planning to eliminate the Guerrillas and the existing regime in Rojava in the same way. The enemy seeks to fabricate infighting. The Kurds should not turn into tools for these ploys.

Hours after the Amediyah attack, ENKS'S offices were burned, does that not raise suspicions?

Of course, it does. What is happening in Rojava and Southern Kurdistan is not in favor of the Kurds, and they are interconnected events. The enemy wants to manipulate us. It attacks us without all principles. The enemy is misleading some of our people to attack the Peoples' forces and burn offices. Everyone should not be involved in these games. This is a provocation.

Why is the so-called "Roj peshmerga" used?

This force was formed mainly from Rojava IDPs and trained by Zirvani's forces and Turkish officers. They seek to fabricate crises through the " Peshmerga Roj". They do whatever they want with " peshmerga Roj". Their goal is clear. They want to create hostility between Rojava and the Guerrilla fighters.

People in southern Kurdistan are protesting the economic crisis. What is behind these protests?

There are many factors behind these protests. The economy has led to an explosion of the situation. There is a crisis in the whole of Iraq. The issue is the absence of democracy and freedom, there is an accumulation, the delay in paying salaries. We are in favor of stability in southern Kurdistan. The people have demands for freedom, democracy, and salaries. The people have the right to demonstrate and express their rightful demands. But people do not have to vandalize and burn places. This is hurting their country. Also, no one has the right to shoot and kill protesters. We are not happy with these events. The people demonstrated democratically and expressed their demands in legitimate means.

Southern Kurdistan hosts Rojava IDPs and allegations that the Rojava IDPs were behind these protests are the enemy's ploys to target Rojava. If they have any problems, they will demonstrate in Rojava. Those who point the finger at Rojava are lying and the enemy's media as well. Beneficiaries of the Kurdish contradictions want to inflame them.

What is required of the Kurdish people and political parties?

First, we need to read the history of our enemy tricks. The martyr Reda, said, "I regret your ploys before I die." A distinction must be made between friend and foe. We have to know our strategy. The Kurdish forces must work to achieve unity without conditions. The Kurdish National Congress must be held first of all. There must be a reference for the Kurds in the four parts of Kurdistan.