Rizgar Qassem: Turkey not to abide by agreements if there is no deterrent

Interview with Rizgar Qassem

Rizgar Qassem emphasized that the geostrategic importance of Ain Issa district made it an area for the power struggle among the intervening forces in Syria, and stressed that Russia and America had lost their credibility as guarantors of the ceasefire agreement, and said that Turkey would never abide by the agreements if there was no deterrent.The statements of the Head of the Kurdish Renewal Movement - Syria, Rizgar Qassem, came during a dialogue with our agency about the Turkish attacks on the regions of north and east Syria, especially Ain Issa region, and the silence of the guarantor countries and the international community about these attacks.  

The following is the text of the interview:

Since October 9th, 2019, the Turkish occupation army has been launching attacks on north and east Syria, what are its objectives in the region?

In the beginning, we must know very well the history of the Turks, since their arrival from Central Asia up to their establishment of the occupied Ottoman state to the twenties of the last century when Kemal Ataturk founded what is called modern Turkey on the ruins of the collapse of the Ottoman state and to this day, where Turkey is in the era of Erdogan, they have given nothing to Human civilization but ruin and destruction.

Through the history of Turkey and its present, it is clearly evident why it launched the barbaric attacks on Rojava, as its occupational ambitions that it inherited from its fathers and ancestors have not stopped until today, and its first target is the Kurdish people, peoples and other components in the second degree.

Turkey always proceeds from its Millî Charter, which is based on denying other peoples and abolishing them, by following all barbaric policies against them with the aim of occupation, as the Turkish aggression against Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and Ain Issa is nothing but a continuation of those occupational policies.

Since the signing of the ceasefire agreement with America and Russia in October 2019, Turkey has not adhered to the content of the two agreements, why does not it comply, and what is required of the guarantor countries?

Turkey is an occupying country and its occupational ambitions have no limits. Here, the problem is not only with Turkey and Erdogan, but Russia and America are not better than it, especially Russia which colluded with it in many issues related to the Syrian issue, especially the Kurds, and here it is possible to mention the city of Afrin which Russia opened the airspace for Turkey and gave it the green light to occupy Afrin, within the framework of achieving the interests of both parties, whether in Syria or outside it, as in Libya and other regions now.

As for the America which used to be led by Trump, it was no better than Russia, as it in turn colluded with Turkey and withdrew its forces at the time from the regions of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, and gave way to Turkey and its mercenaries of the Brotherhood's coalition to occupy Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî.

o we can say that Russia and America have lost their credibility as guarantor countries because they did not prevent Turkey from launching recent attacks on the region, that is, as is happening today in Ain Issa, the Turks of course did not and will not abide by any agreement unless there is no deterrent to them.

There is another point that must be addressed, as the Turkish occupation's attacks on Ain Issa come in the context of the race against time, before Biden took the reins of power on the 20th of next month, as Erdogan is planning to exploit this, and here a second Russian complicity cannot be ruled out in exchange for gains in Idlib, the question of Nagorny Karabakh and the failure of the Russians to abide by the mutual defense agreement with the Armenians, giving the green light to Erdogan to support Azerbaijan, and today what is happening in Ain Issa, I see a completion of the bargains between the two parties.

Russia is not trusted as a guarantor state, but I see that America for the sake of its interests and I do not rule out that Russia will move too to prevent Turkey from occupying Ain Issa, as it is a strategic area and its occupation would be a threat to the interests of both parties. From this standpoint and for this reason, I do not rule out the establishment of a no-fly zone. Then, it will be difficult for Erdogan and his mercenaries to occupy Ain Issa since the Syrian Democratic Forces on the ground have proven to be able to deter them.

Why is Turkey trying to occupy Ain Issa district?

Ain Issa has a geostrategic importance as a geographical location, as it is located on the international highway M4, and it is considered a junction, from which the road connects to al-Raqqa, Girê Spî and al-Hasakah countryside, as well as Kobanê, Manbij and Aleppo, in addition to its political location as it is the administrative capital of North and East Syria and its Autonomous Administration, and the main line defending the eastern regions of Kobanê towards the east to al-Jazeera.

Because of this importance, Turkey, along with its mercenaries, is trying to occupy it, as it has turned into a power struggle zone that would change the politics of trade-offs, as its occupation is neither in favor of Russia nor in favor of the Americans, and in any case it is not possible for the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces to abandon it.

Why is the international community still silent about the crimes committed by Turkey against the people of north and east Syria?

Of course, politics is governed by interests and is guided by them, and the policies of the world and major countries are based on this basis, whether Russia, America or Europe, and all of these have interests with Turkey. Politics does not recognize morals as much as it recognizes interests and deals. Everyone searches for its interests, and we must adopt a smart diplomacy on this basis, no party will offer the other anything without having interests. We also have our interests and there are those who have interests with us.

Today, we can pursue a diplomacy that would achieve our interests and not give Erdogan the opportunity to practice his diplomacy and change the compass towards flexibility. We must realize this and not slow down in the development of our diplomacy dynamic and bring about renewal in that.

What is required of political and social organizations to stop these attacks?

All political organizations and all components must join their ranks and rally around the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces to deter the Turkish aggression.

Here, I reiterate may call to those who call themselves the Kurdish National Council, so let them achieve national unity in the face of aggression, only then they will prove that they are serious, as for inviting them to participate only on what has been achieved with the blood of thousands of martyrs without sacrificing anything but their participation with the coalition in the occupation, this does not mean except for their lack of seriousness in achieving this, for national unity requires responsibilities and patriotic stances, otherwise it is nothing but deception and circumvention of what has been achieved.